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I had engaged Denn Lim from this company in end of April for my 5 rooms flat renovation n now my house was nicely Reno. Base on my experience with him, he’s a very responsible n responsive guy, through out the Reno he had been looking after the Reno closely n gave lots of patience when there’s any changes or questions I had asked for. … I can said, this guy is good n great! Will recommend him!

The workmanship for carpentry works was done very well.. I’m very satisfied with the workmanship n designs he had done for my house and had lots of good compliments from all my relatives and friends on my house warming.
– Emily, 06 Jan 2017


sorry for late review bro, here it is feel free to use it for your testimonials. Dan is a true expert ID at his trade, he was always able to think out of the box. His designs were refreshing and unconventional, in a good way! Carpentry is way above average from what ive seen other reno vendors do. Good job.
– Jesmond Toh, 16 oct 2016

Jesmond Toh

hi my name is hasnah my home was done by Evelyn from Bedok, im writing in to give a special thanks to the Bedok mall branch. My elderly mom now is able to move from the kitchen to dining room to her bedroom even and im very happy about that. I planned with evelyn and asked to make the place wheelchair friendly so my mom can spend more time at home instead of being at her former nursing home, Lions Home for Elders. We are very grateful and would like to thank Evelyn for helping us with all the planning and design work. Im very happy with my home.
– Hasnah, 03 nov 2016


Maaf lambat beri pandangan… Langit langit sgt baek hasilan kerja.. cat pun sgt baek.. utk di bandingkan dgn kontraktor yg lepas, kontraktor ini sgt baek dan memuas kan
– Said, 24 nov 2016


Extremely pleased with how our reno went would like to thank Francis and his team of contractors! Im not an easy client and kept making changes but despite my countless requests Francis helped me alot and was very patient throughout. In fact me and hubby saved quite alot of money as we went for their 4 room resale flat promo and were able to get 5-7k in toilet and kitchen equipment and accessories as bonuses. Ive already recommended you guys to a friend Sherlyn! Thanks 3D & my ID Francis.
– Constance Ng, 17 jan 2017

Constance Ng

Syabas!!! Hasilan kerja yang baek..!!! Menakjubkan…terime kaseh Jason . Walaupun 2 bulan tapi baik
– Harum, 04 feb 2017


This review is for my interior designer Clement from Midview City @ Sin Ming main branch. Thanks for your expert advise and timely execution of work. Highly appreciate your professional scheduling and follow up. I would have personally gone crazy if i handled the contractors myself so i really appreciate your effort. (especially on the rainy days!) 🙂
– Daniel Song, 27 feb 2017


Just completed my 4 room BTO with ID Jayden from 3D, overall quite satisfied with the ID Jayden as he help to solve all the issues without any questions asked.

he is responsive, patience and responsible. He never fail to respond to us even he is on reservist or overseas.
– Priska, 27 feb 2017


Just wanted to drop a big Thank You note to Jayden from 3D. He did up our unit more than 3 years ago. Recently, we had a minor issue with carpentry fittings and I message Jayden asking for help. As usual, Jayden responded almost immediately even though we have not touch base for past 3 years. Despite the busy CNY period, he was able to scheduled the carpenter to come to my place over 2 days to have the fittings done up. This is great customer service. Thank you so much Jayden.
– Andrew, 14 Jan 2017


After leaving my request for a free quote in RenoPedia, i received more than 10 phone calls from various IDs. It was quite overwhelming initially when unknown numbers start calling up and introducing their company. I had only a budget of $15k for a re-sale 4RM Flat. Being a newly wed couple, we do not have a big budget after having to pay off the resale flat COV and the wedding expenses can be quite a big plate to finish. We also knew that finding the right ID is so impt as we have heard alot of horror stories from our friends. Out of 10 calls, there was only 1 ID, Jimmy Tan from 3D Innovations that gave us the assurance that with our budget, he can do alot for us, depending on the various elements of reno. We were quite encouraged to hear that and agreed to meet him up.

He is a Chinese speaking ID who has impressed us from the very start. As we do not drive, he took the initiative to pick us up from Paya Lebar MRT to the showroom in UBI & vice-versa. He also drove us to the various suppliers to get our home needs. During the past 4 consultations, he was very professional, honest and responsible, gave u a lot of creative & sensible suggestions. He can clearly identify the functions of various spaces and gave us a good visualization through the 3D drawings. Most important thing is-This was done with the best interest on cost-savings for us. Although we exceeded our budget of $15k, we spent a total of $19700. This includes 2 wall features and a false ceiling…and of course the basics like hacking of 2 toilets, changing of kitchen cabinet n built in wardrobe etc…We still find it quite reasonable as he customized to our needs, not just adhering to a standard package.

In short, i would say that he is a follow up and follow through ID. He does not recommend unneccesary items to you but instead, assist u to save wherever possible. I would definitely recommend my friends should they required renovation services.
– Edwin, 04 march 2017


We are happy and privileged to select Gary (from Jayden Team) from 3D innovations for my recent 5 room HDB renovation which was completed completed successfully on Sep 2016.

Gary admired us in the following aspects such as his attitude and service. He was very sincere about helping us out when we had confusion. Moreover he was responsive to our queries all the time.Instead of just rejecting our some ideas, he always offer us with alternatives. He also gave good ideas on the type of lights that are practical and would fit our new home.

Gary has good design talent and experience. He gave us lot of ideas in the form of 3D designs for my TV console which was appreciated by my guests until today. We are so happy we trusted his design proposal as the final result is simply outstanding.

We are impressed that we told Gary of problem in moving existing glass panel in the kitchen area. With his previous experience, he had moved the glass door as we expected, that too without additional cost. We are really amazed at his attention to detail!!.

In terms of project management, as similar to other projects we also have some hiccups initially. But Gary handled those situation wisely to overcome those hiccups. Hence we are able to proceed our renovation according to schedule. If there is any delay or major work completed , he gave me a update through whats-app. so that I am able to continue my office work without any hassles.

In addition to their good service, we also impressed with quality of carpentry work and glass work,

We also would like to thank Jayden from 3D innovations for his great ideas of choosing paint colors and altar cabinet for my new home.

Last but not least, We are blessed to have Gary and Jayden as our interior designers for our renovations as they have changed the look of my house into new level. If you want to engage ID for your renovation works, I would recommend Gary from 3D innovations and you will never regret.

Thank you Gary and Jayden once again for your stunning work!! Keep it up!!
– Siew Teng, 13 Nov 2016

Siew Teng

Update on the progress on my renovation with 3D innovation. As usual, he meet me right on time at the tiles shop. Tiles selection really kills lots of of brain juice. I spend nearly 3 hrs selecting the tiles for my toilets n kitchen. Shag!!!!

I must thank Jimmy for his patience and not calculative. Some of the tiles exceeds the price range in my package, but he says ok, he can absorb the small difference. I’m still amazed by his attitude and professionalism. He told me anytime when I’m free, can just go to the flat he is doing now, to get a feel of the tiles “in whole” feels.(Some of the tiles that I’ve selected is the same as the flat he is doing now)

Til now, Jimmy of 3D innovation really impresses me.
– Cat, 27 feb 2017