10 Must Know Renovation Tips Every Singaporean Should Know

Receiving your new keys to your flat or condo soon, but don’t know where to kick off? Well check out a simple guide we have compiled for the renovation process and critical points that you must take note of.

What kind of budget do you have to set aside for your ideal house?

Well, that is dependent on how big your place is and exactly the amount of renovation work needed. Renovation fees can start at $30,000 sgd and end at $90,000 sgd for flats from the Resale market, and start at $25,000 and end at $60,000 for flats from the BTO market.

Design fees including your 3D drawings and basic consultations are normally already in the budget. However, certain designers and renovation specialists will impose a design cost of roughly $1000 to $4000 sgd, according to how large or small your place it.

Alright, now I have saved a sufficient budget for my reno. Where do I even begin?

1) Remember those images you saw on Google images? Check them again and choose a design sequence for your place. What about ideas? You can check them for relevant and interesting interior design and renovation ideas in Singapore. Also, it is a great technique to keep photos of exact concepts you favour (like a red brick wall in the toilet), you can present this to your designer to let them know the theme you are going for.

2) When you have chosen a design style for your home, start your hunt for interior designers and renovation companies in Singapore.

3) Shortlist a minimum of 4 renovation companies, then arrange sessions with them to find the best fit for your theme and budget. And remember, take your floor plan so that they can accurately provide you fair quotations.

What is the duration of a real renovation project?

Well Build to Order flats normally take anywhere from six to twelve weeks provided everything moves in a timely manner. Unforeseen delays of about 14 days is a buffer you have to include to accommodate any mishaps that may occur throughout the renovation.

When you have moved into the new flat or condo bear in mind that you have to allow about a month or more for touch ups and amendments to renovation work.

Throughout the reno process, take note of these issues that occur frequently. Be prepared for them.

1) Spending way over your intended budget

Typical renovation deals are only inclusive of fundamental reno work and you may end up paying for more amendments or work that was not originally quoted for or budgeted for. This happened more so when you meet or deal with renovation contractors who do not want to adjust the quotation. So practice due diligence in your selection of an interior designer. Make sure they are flexible in certain areas.

Taking exact measurements help a lot. Prior to purchasing your furnishings and electrical appliances, measure to make sure you avoid pitfalls especially when fitting. It is worth the effort to keep you out of a tight spot!

Keep some buffer to your budget for unforeseen payments, extra furnishings and amendments that you may need done.

2) Out of Stock items and materials

This is very common, it’s a scenario where a certain material or item that is crucial to execute your idea is not available. Then what? You end buying a more premium or higher costing material, resulting in more spending. You must be mentally prepared and have a deep enough pocket to foot these expenses.

Communication Is key. Clear and concise chats and discussion with your designer and contractor are key to a successful project. Always establish a paper trail, whether via written notes, a whatsapp group chat or emails. In the case that anything goes wrong, there is a black and white trail to lean against.

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