2 Flooring Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating your Home

So, you have gotten an overdose of interior design inspiration, checked countless renovation portals and read design guru blogs on tips. Additionally, you have went overboard on bookmarking and now your whole mind is cluttered with home renovation ideas to the brink that you could be an amateur interior designer! Don’t get renophobia!

Remember that some things that you brainstorm and come up with do not have a practical application for your home. Yes, that cool looking grunge style home renovated and published on that popular design portal look irresistible, but it may not be applicable to your 3 room BTO, due to say, space constraints. Hence, you still need a sound and practical view point when gathering inspiration and going through the initial brainstorm process.

Apart from strict renovation rules governed by HDB or URA, you need to consider some more critical points prior to executing your renovation dream home.

Here are two renovation styles and trends that are hot right now, but not practical for Singapore homes.

1) Buying Hard Wood Flooring

Considering flooring often brings about the idea of choosing solid wood flooring in your renovation. It exudes class and luxury and adds a depth of warmth to your house. Additionally, this look can be difficult to realise when using other types of flooring materials. Hardwood flooring is very lasting and due to its nature occurring benefits can look better over time and build a subtly woody character to your HDB flat or condo.

Now here comes the problem. Our sunny Singapore is a terribly humid city, and hardwood flooring can start to bend or fall apart over time. Contrary to its great style and character, this isn’t a great characteristic!

Then comes the cooling solution. Air conditioner Bingo! Run your AC to balance out the humidity or use a humidifier! But then again, how long can you run your AC for without the electricity bill going through the roof? In the end, the constant expanding and contracting of the solid wood floor will cause tiny cracks to form between the wooden slates and this will be a breading haven for termites and other bugs.

The solution:
Anti-termite wood flooring and wooden laminates will be a better solution instead of solid wood flooring, additionally there are a way lower cost solution. The appearance is as beautiful as solid wood, and your maintenance is much lower. If you are insistent on using genuine wood, run with Teak, popular in outdoor decking as it can deal with humidity and heat.


2) Swanky Cute Tiles

There is a crazy trend with fitting kitchens and toilet floors and walls with those oh so little tiles! Sure, they may look cute and tangy and come cheap. But they may not be an ideal choice for SG homes. Think about the amount of cleaning you must do when mildew starts growing. And what about grout? More cleaning indeed. Our mad humid weather promotes the growth of mildew on the tiles. If your place is not well ventilated (especially so for bathrooms!), you may want to avoid tile overdose.

The solution:
Do not go crazy on tiling in small spaces where there is little to no ventilation, instead, use them sparingly for small featured areas that you want to accent or showcase.

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